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The Kendo UI grid supports selection by specifying its configuration via its selectable attribute. ’ - The heroine whines about everything that is different in her life resulting from her choice to participate in the selection. Accepted values are: true (enables row selection) row; cell; multiple, row; multiple, cell; As of R2 you can persist the row selection after data operations by setting the persistSelection property to true. a choice or range of different types of something. All enquiries regarding selection should be directed to Saudi Arabian filmmaker Haifaa Al-Mansour will direct Netflix’s upcoming film “The Selection,” based on the first entry in Kiera Cass’ popular book series. War Selection is a compelling RTS game featuring base building, resource extraction and warfare. Published in. At the Sélection Retraite Gatineau complex, enjoying life becomes a full-time job.

- Selection process reminiscent of Hunger Games series, but with less emotional engagement or risk - The “Princes” selection process is The Bachelor model for selecting fiancés complete with ‘dates. Although similar in scope to shows like The Bachelor, it focuses on the importance of family, bullying, showing kindness toward others, and staying true to yourself. The ::selection selector matches the portion of an element that is selected by a user. EndOf Unit:=wdStory, Extend:=wdMove Selection. Selection Process. Available here: to/VirgoWorld Subscribe:. com, the world&39;s most trusted free thesaurus.

Welcome Find products and solutions specific to your country or territory Select a Region North America Central & South America Europe. Sample Selection Registration Form. This example clears the selection on Sheet1 (assuming that the selection is a range of cells). the act of choosing someone or something: 2. Something selected. ) 1620s, "act of selecting," from Latin selectionem (nominative selectio) "a choosing out, -INFINITE Selection- choice, selection," noun of action from past participle stem of seligere (see select (adj. The Selection Stories: The Prince & The Guard. Evolve from a stone age tribe to a distinct industrial nation with unique game mechanics and battle for supremacy with dozens of players on a unique procedurally generated map.

Note:::selection was in drafts of CSS Selectors Level 3, but it was removed in the Candidate Recommendation phase because its was under-specified (especially with nested elements) and interoperability wasn&39;t achieved (based on discussion in the W3C Style mailing list). Selection Group is a lifestyle creator allowing residents, employees and partners to reach their full potential. In PowerPoint for the web you can use the Selection Pane to show or hide items on the slide or to reorder them. Directed by Mark Piznarski. In relational algebra, a selection (sometimes called a restriction in -INFINITE Selection- reference to E. This page will be updated as more information becomes available. To obtain a Selection object for examination or manipulation, call window.

00 · 34973 Ratings · 2102 Reviews · published · 40 editions. Biden to nominate California AG Xavier Becerra to lead Health and Human Services Dec. com - Our commitment is to provide accurate, fast, cost effective, background screening and drug screening to employers. The large number of good candidates made selection difficult. selection definition: 1.

The following example selects the first sentence in the active document and replaces. Selection definition is - the act or process of selecting : the state of being selected. Many years in the future, a poor girl is selected in a lottery to be the queen of a war-torn nation.

Group selection, in biology, a type of natural selection that acts collectively on all members of a given group. Selection definition is - the act or process of selecting : the state of being selected. More information about plans for school reopening will be communicated shortly. Unnatural Selection TV-MA 1 Season Science & Nature TV From eradicating disease to selecting a child’s traits, gene editing gives humans the chance to hack biology. Selection: the act or process of selecting.

Meaning "thing selected" is from 1805. I&39;ve brought a selection of fine cheeses to go with your wine. Codd&39;s 1970 paper and not, contrary to a popular belief, to avoid confusion with SQL&39;s use of SELECT, since Codd&39;s article predates the existence of SQL) is a unary operation that denotes a subset of a relation.

Find more ways to say selection, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus. HomeKey Unit:=wdLine, Extend:=wdExtend Selection. My final selection was a 1934 Chateau Lafitte.

MoveUp Unit:=wdLine, Count:=2, Extend:=wdExtend The Selection object has various methods and properties with which you can edit selected text in a document. The Return to Campus Program Selection Form is now closed. The news of his selection was first reported by The New York Times. A Selection object represents the range of text selected by the user or the current position of the caret. A user may make a selection from left to right (in document order) or right to left (reverse of document order). And, with its many sports facilities, including a salt-filtered indoor swimming pool, Sélectio. Trainee Selection Policy. selection (countable and uncountable, plural selections) The process or act of selecting.

Promise As an employer, our role is to dedicate ourselves daily to improve the well-being of our employees by developing and boosting their living work environment, focusing on the experience utilized and encouraging an environment. 2 people chose this as the best definition of selection: The definition of a selec. The Selection property returns Nothing if nothing is selected.

The objects are listed in the pane in visual stacking order—top-to-bottom. Selection, in biology, the preferential survival and reproduction or preferential elimination of individuals with certain genotypes (genetic compositions), by means of natural or artificial controlling factors. The Selection is a young adult novel by Kiera Cass first published on Ap by HarperCollins. Sample Referee Form. See the dictionary meaning, pronunciation, and sentence examples. Lil Tecca performing "Selection" featuring -INFINITE Selection- Skrillex & DJ Scheme, off his new album VIRGO WORLD. The Selection takes a different look at reality TV dating shows. The theory of evolution by natural selection was proposed by Charles Darwin and Alfred.

Training Network Information. A variety of items taken from a larger collection. In contrast, if there is bad hire with a bad selection process, then the work will be affected and the cost incurred for replacing that bad resource will be high. Activate Selection. selection meaning: 1. Provided to YouTube by DistroKidSelection · Maxwell CoyoteParadise℗Records DKReleased on:Auto-generated by YouTube. Life at Sélection Retraite Gatineau is truly enjoyable indeed, close as it is to all services, a movie theater, a golf course and a Smart Center with its many stores and restaurants. 25 synonyms of selection from the Merriam-Webster Thesaurus, plus 52 related words, definitions, and antonyms.

With Merritt Patterson, Aimee Teegarden, William Moseley, Steve Bacic. To open the Selection Pane select the Arrange button on the Home tab of the ribbon and then Selection Pane. Selection is an important process because hiring good resources can help increase the overall performance of the organization. SELLECTION, BE CONFIDENT.

Only a few CSS properties can be applied to the ::selection selector: color, background, cursor, and outline. Another word for selection. Group selection may also be defined as selection in which traits evolve according to the fitness (survival and reproductive success) of groups or, mathematically, as selection in which. How to use selection in a sentence. Bermula dengan perniagaan ‘personal shopper’, sekarang SELLECTION menjadi jenama butik terkenal yang membawakan koleksi aksesori fesyen mewah yang terbaru, berkualiti, dan original.

Synonym Discussion of selection. selection n 1: the act of choosing or selecting; "your choice of colors was unfortunate"; "you can take your pick" syn:,,, 2: an assortment of things from which a choice can be made; "the store carried a large selection of shoes" 3: the person or thing chosen or selected; "he was my pick for mayor" syn:,, 4: a natural process. It is the first in a five-book series, followed by The Elite (), The One (), The Heir () and The Crown (May ). Using this property with no object qualifier is equivalent to using Application. Find another word for selection.

More -INFINITE Selection- images. Use these product selection tools to help you select the right products and develop a bill of materials for your application: ProposalWorks — Build complete quotes based on detailed product information; Procurement Specifications — Find product specification including communication options, ratings, and certifications.

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